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【Title】 Polyonics XF-8971 high temperature anti-static labels
【 Introduction】

This material is designed high-end tablet PC designed for all major components, surface coatingsglues are made 8203;8203;ESD treatment, can effectively avoid electrostatic potential danger to the various components. Surface resistance of the material between 108Ω ~ 1010Ω, instant peel voltage is less than 100 Volt, meet the EIA 625541 anti-static labels,more through the United States military MIL-STD-202G, Notice 12, Method 215KMIL-STD-883E , Notice 4, Method 2015.13 certification is a strong anti-static properties of high-temperature label materials.
XF-8971 temperature resistance up to 315 ℃ @ 50 minutes,can withstand high temperatures SMT manufacturing process, corrosion, cleaningother harsh environments, whether it is reflow, wave soldering can show the best gradereads barcodes effect (PCS),can be used for the lower plate. XF-8971 even experience a variety of harsh environments, can maintain excellent dimensional stability, ensure bar code reading results.

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