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      Shanghai Mingma Industrial Co.,Ltd is affaliated to HongKong Mingma Group Stock Limited, established in 2003. The company investment is 10 million RMB. It mainly is an agency and research the special adhesive materials used for high and low temperature and harsh environment ,cooperated with well-known enterprises in USA, Germany, UK and Japan. The products focused on electronic industry, steel industry, automobile industry, garment industry, medical industry, chemical industry etc. 
      We are committed to become your good partner and we believe that the best solution is done by cooperation. We will design the high quality products to fit your requirements and keep the flexibility of products, making your enterprise adapt to the requirements of changing market.
      Shanghai Mingma Industrial Co.,Ltd has subsidiaries in Shenzhen, Suzhou, Kunshan, Xiamen and equipped with professionals. It can make us according to your requirements ,and then provide you effective suggestions and solutions. Whatever your goal is to consolidate the vendors, reduce the cost or create the consistency of international brand. We are your good partner that you can trust and provide the best solution within your budget to you.
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